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As a therapist, refining biodynamic touch and perception skills requires
an awareness of our own expression of health interfacing with the felt-sense
appreciation of ‘dynamic stillness’
To achieve this requires the practitioner to let go of the familiar so that the body can truly unfold without containment from the practitioners subtle intentions

* Word of caution, please consult your physician to help ascertain whether you
r physical condition is able to practice the content of the video's below

* These video's are best viewed on a computer screen. Mobile screens may alter position of wording


Non-doing | Stillness 

Insight 2020

Ice bath prepping

Ice bath prepping breath-work

Together we are stronger


Ice bath immersion

Natural breath (Pran-ayama)

132 CST 132 - Andy Pike
00:00 / 32:46

Craniosacral podcast with Ryan Halford - 'This'

136 CST 136 - Andy Pike
00:00 / 23:33

Craniosacral podcast with Ryan Halford -

4 Chambers of non-doing


Lung packing breath-work 

Raspberry blowing breath-work

Woman's Health  week 2020 - Pelvic diaphragm

Inversion sequence - Handstand

Freedom from fear

Mens health week 2020 - Survival responses 

Woman's Health  week 2020 Muladhara

Juicing up the hip joints

Vascular optimising of prostate region

Stimulating and calming breath-work

Expansion on the body's survival responses

The attraction of kindness

Wrist flexibility 

Mild hypoxia evoking breath-work

Yogic breath breath-work

Conch shell breath-work

Resting and reflecting on success

Supple as a slinky

Headstand physiologic effects and techniques

Hip opening headstand 1

Balancing the books

Levitation from headstand - don't try this one at home

Hip opening headstand 2

The joy of friendship

Nitrogen oxide evoking breath-work 1

Un-propped adapted crow pose

Nitrogen oxide evoking breath 2

Knight pose and the 'Quakes'

The Quakes

Scorpodile pose

Combo Quake

Alternative yoga props 2020

The love of another's presence

Cobblers pose

Prop supported crow pose

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