Cooran Cranioga Clinic

Cranioga ‘AM’ is a morning of experiential yoga and craniosacral therapy to get a taste of the cranioga process, for those who are new to it, and a deepening for those who are familiar with it.


It incorporates a specifically craniosacral tailored 90 minute yoga class followed by a 

guided hands on session (giving and receiving).


Tuesday AM:  Self-development and fundamentals of cranioga for those who are not involved in providing therapy but want to open the intelligence of their body

Friday AM:  Fundamentals of cranioga and resourcing for bodyworkers who are feeling ready to deepen into the body intelligence and therapeutic art of non-doing

Last Friday AM of each month:  Exclusive morning for registered biodynamic craniosacral therapists focusing on specific topics for continuing professional development

Clinic Venue

22 King Street