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Cranioga Clinic

Cranioga ‘AM’ is a morning of experiential yoga and craniosacral therapy to get a taste of the cranioga process, for those who are new to it, and a deepening for those who are familiar with it.


It incorporates a specifically craniosacral tailored 90 minute yoga class followed by a 

guided hands on session (giving and receiving).

1 day sync in retreat m.jpeg
1 day sync in retreat m.jpeg



First Thursday of each month 

Self-development and fundamentals of Cranioga (self-embodiment & body touch skills) for those wishing to optimise their own body awareness, resource & health.

Also for those providing body-mind therapy wanting to hone their felt-sense skills in a supportive & resourcing environment  


Third Thursday of each month  

Resourcing skills for body-mind therapists who are feeling ready to deepen into the felt-sense awareness of the nuanced and expressive intelligence of the body. This half day will also help the practitioner to practically recognise and understand 'somatic' transference & countertransference patterns by learning & incorporating the therapeutic art of non-doing (non-reactive yet responding communication/touch).

NB It is recommended that each attendee, of the deepening half day, has previously attended at least three fundamentals sessions

Graduate BCST Practitioners

Last Thursday of each month:  Exclusive full day for registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapists focusing on specific topics for continuing their professional development (CPD). The hours attended for each of these full day sessions are recognised for accrediting CPD by the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists (PACT)

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Clinic Venue


Pinbarren (near Pomona)


1 day sync in retreat g.jpeg
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