About Andy Pike

Andy is a registered physiotherapist, yoga therapist, breath-work teacher and biodynamic craniosacral therapist specialising in the treatment and management of post traumatic stress. Based in the Sunshine Coast of Australia he has extensive experience having worked in various settings such as hospitals, yoga schools, neurological care units, military outpatients, university clinics and private practice.

Andy Pike - Cranioga


He has studied post graduate manual and adjustment based therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese acupuncture, trauma release exercise (TRE) and teaches yoga therapy, breath-work, craniosacral therapy and stretch therapy. Andy used to be a teaching faculty member in the physiotherapy school at the University of Otago in New Zealand which enabled him to realise the rewarding nature of facilitating the development of students learning how to assess and treat physical conditions. Yet, he acknowledges that to tutor the development of BCST students, who acknowledge and put emphasis on felt-sense awareness, is awe inspiring.

Andy runs a full time health clinic in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia where he also teaches yoga therapy classes and workshops for most of the year.

My Vision

It inspires me to witness the shifts in people when they reorient their perspective from trying to change this or that, to one which is intimate with the vitality of change itself. 

When individuals no longer exercise and diet to get healthy, but instead wake their inherent health enough for exercise to be an option rather than a chore.

My Story

Over the thirty years I have been involved in helping people to reestablish their health I have at times been blown away by the inherent potential each individual has.

Yet, I have also been perplexed how such potential is often buried by life's undigested experiences and encouraged to remain dormant by multitudes of interventions and techniques, which, ironically, were supposed to help reclaim their wellbeing. As a result I have been motivated to develop a process which helps to access and promote the expression of an individuals health, whilst relinquishing the burden of dependency on the ever increasing world of intervention. 

Resonance & Resource

The Cranioga process helps to transmute the patterns of experience restricting the expression of health, whilst establishing a sense of familiarity to those who are subtly radiating with increased relational awareness.


There is an authentic 'knowing' amongst those who access their deeper resource and relinquish reliance on hypnotising techniques (which evoke little more than states of sanguine dissociation from the world). Such radiance and knowing may form what is considered a community of like minded people. Yet, I consider it more as a morphic resonance helping to inquire and discover deeper and deeper resources, inspiration and vitality, to help include and share with all.