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Weekly meditation evening


Weekly meditation evening - 6pm until 7.15pm - in Cooran

25mins: Guided, propensity specific, sense-door attention meditation (in a comfortable sitting position). This is achieved by attuning (one pointedly) to a sense door input which is notably awake and sensitive in you. For example; sensing sound, whilst concurrently, and gradually, letting go of the minds association to its objectified cause (if there is one) - until the sound is just sound. The same goes for vision and touch (eg touch of the breath) but not smell, taste, or thought, at this stage.

10mins: Barefoot walking on grass - mindful movement - (kinhin).

Here there is an option to carry on sitting in meditation, continuing focal attention of relevant sensory input whilst becoming increasingly aware of how this attention concurrently encourages the unveiling of subtle inner-sense body expressions.

25mins: Sitting again, this time incorporating a non-doing state of balanced awareness (shikentaza zazen). This awareness unfolds by acknowledging equipresent fields of perception; both in and outside the body - whilst, potentially, noticing the ephemeral nature (arising and passing) of bodily sensations, expressions, emotions and thoughts. Noticing such inner-sense change, unhindered by technique, helps the bodymind intimately attune to the biodynamic rhythms of nature. A retreat is recommended for those wishing to expand upon this.

10mins: Heart sutra chanting - option to join in or lay down and bathe in the sound

5mins: Sitting whilst sharing your insight, presence and loving kindness with all animate and inanimate life, in addition to anyone who you wish to specifically share the joy of dynamic stillness with (daijo zen)

Discussion: There is option to stay for an hour after the group meditation, for tea and discussion if you wish. 

Venue: Contact Andy by emailing  for venue address and logistics. Please leave your contact number and/or email address. I, or my assistant, will call, text, or email you back as soon as we are able to

Cost: Donation basis (best to offer any donation after the class)

 Enquiries (email link)

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