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Weekly evening meditation classes
     Every Thursday evening - 6pm until 7.15pm - in Cooran  

Beyond breathwork meditation retreats (3 day & 5 day)

Recommended for people who have discovered the benefit of taking time out to help re-source the body and mind. This retreat is designed to encourage a settling of the mind, in a balanced and connected manner, sufficient to restore the body's physiologic intelligence and promote the dissipation of unnecessary survival mechanisms, which are often cycling in peoples background physiology.The retreat is organised in a way which helps to develop the insight of embodied stillness in the mornings and take this felt-sense insight into social engagement and non-doing (biodynamic) craniosacral contact in the afternoons.When an individual silently opens up to the presence of their body intelligence for an extended period, and then later provides neutral touch (with no agenda/labelling/judgement) with another, it generally gives the recipient a sense of rebalancing, revitalisation and reconnection with natures subtle potency.   

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