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Yoga: An evidence-based therapy

It is very satisfying to see yoga articles in reputed scientific journals nowadays. It was observed in the past that yogic masters taught yoga only to their handful of students and refrained from any publicity on this topic. On the other hand, we have seen an explosion in numbers of quacks who claim to cure anything instantly with yoga.

What we need today is a balanced approach, a receptive and cautious mind and a real enthusiastic

action on the scientific findings about yoga.

Randomized controlled studies are the way to learn the science and yoga is meant for a person of

action. Tons of information on yoga is not going to help us till we actually start practicing it!

As we are studying more and more aspects of yoga, we keep on getting amazed at their effects.

We do not know the exact mechanisms in most of the cases but that should not really bother us!

We still do not know exact mechanism of action of many time proven medicines such as metformin and pioglitazone, but that does not deter us from using them.

Yoga has many proven benefits on various aspects and we have a lot of research work regarding the same. And these studies are mainly done by intervention by means of asanas, pranayam, and

meditation alone.

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