Promoting the

Expression of Health

The therapy creates a safe space for patterns of experience to emerge and resolve smoothly without being overwhelming or re-stimulating

Intention and Non-Doing

Andy's latest book on Intention and Non-Doing available online!


Exploring the Buddhist/Taoist concept of non-doing and intention in relation to bodywork, this book focuses on how the therapist should approach their client without agenda and meet them where they are at. Pre-order your copy of Andy's book by clicking the button below.

About Cranioga

Cranioga is a gentle form of hands-on therapy which encourages the body to move beyond patterns of restriction, overwhelm and trauma and it is beneficial for all cohorts of society.

It is a bodywork therapy designed to enhance the functioning of the tissues, fluids and inherent potential deeply seated at the core of everyone's body.



It inspires me to witness the shifts in people when they reorient their perspective from trying to change this or that, to one which is intimate with the vitality of change itself. 


Over the thirty years I have been involved in helping people to reestablish wellbeing I have always been blown away by the inherent potential each individual has to express health.

Resonance & Resource

It was a revelation for me when I discovered the 'ingredients' for establishing a relational field helping another to express their health.

I share these in the Cranioga process which incorporates seven resource platforms to help promote resonance.


"Give yourself to the experience of seeing rather than to the object seen and you will find yourself everywhere."

Rupert Spira, Contemplating the Nature of Experience

Meet  Andy Pike

Andy Pike - Cranioga


What People Say

"The Use of Intention and Non-Doing has been for me a profound deepening into understanding the relevance of non-doing and the essence of the work of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

As a therapist, my felt-sense awareness of body sensations both within myself and the client has been heightened, vitality and changes are more pronounced to be witnessed as they rising and passing and the potency of the work has been amplified. 


What an honour! To be sharing the qualities of the teachings of use of intention and non-doing with clients has made the practice more tangible, alive.

Andy's passion for his teachings shines through, magnifying his generous transmissions within the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sangha. Thank you Andy for all that you share and ignite with and within others."


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